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Wrong Distrbutor Rotor...

Unread postby badbillybiker on Thu Jun 30, 2016 12:29 pm

Finally...after almost 2 years?, I was able to update my Travco with a well deserved tune up. Anticipating this moment, I had purchased the necessary parts and had put them in a "emergency drawer" in case of a breakdown etc. as mentioned, about 2yrs. ago.. What a difficult job of changing some of the plugs..Only got five out, using a total of eight different ratchets plus various extensions including 2 different flexible 3/8 cable extensions. Gave up and said "$@@$# t!". The three plugs will stay for now... Onward to the NEW WIRES, DIST.CAP AND ROTOR and FIVE NEW PLUGS. Wiring was done using a plug wire numbering kit, cap and the rotor. Rotor was hardly worn but just a touch pitted on the end. Why be cheap and use it again??..Dug out the NEW SPARE and what the hell?????, here I was banking on a wrong rotor for an emergency. IT WOULDN'T FIT!!! Dug up the ageing receipt and back to the auto store I go... Had the number chased and reversed engineered and it still kept coming up as the correct rotor. As I had cleverly brought my original one instead of the usual crushing it to tiny pieces scene, I showed him what I needed. After a time he took a long shot and finally got me what I needed. It is a BWD D147 and is for a D300, the Master Pro 2-3202 I had all this time is for the Dodge series that most often comes up in a search. The D-147 is the correct number if anyone is stashing unknowingly the wrong rotor and haven't tried the one they have.Thought I could save someone from the same road I just went down. BTW, the correct rotor is twice the cost of the wrong one.....FWIW/HTH.
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