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1970 270/mahal rear brake cylinders

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:29 pm
by raydsimmons
just replaced upper and lower wheel cylinders on my 70 travco. no part numbers listed in the "original dodge motor home" chassis part catalog. for this application there is just a -- where the part numbers should be soooo, this is what I found via my local napa dealer. these cylinders were used on '65 international dually trucks, as is the 6 hole axel flange gasket that even the international dealer can not get for me (I just made one, no big deal on that). they are also different part numbers for the left and right side. the casting number is the same on all four of the cylinders even though they are completely different. these cylinders connect with each other INSIDE the drum not outside of the backing plates. here is where it gets funky. the 3/16 brake line between the 2 cylinders (about 13" long) use a "metric" "bubble" flare on each end where they attach to the cylinders. you can't buy that as the so called bubble flare only applies to metric (import) brake lines. the metric bubble flare tool does however work on the 3/16 line. here are the cylinder part numbers threw napa: left side upper, 17012, left side lower, 17014. right side upper, 17013, right side lower, 17015. cost on these cylinders is about $90 ea, rebuild kits about $8. of course the first 2 sets that were not correct where only about $15. ea ! Go figure ....

Re: 1970 270/mahal rear brake cylinders

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 6:57 am
Just moved to the Brake maintenance section.
Either here or the part number section would have worked well.
Thanks for the info Ray.