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Ahh Rats

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:59 pm
by dirtydeno
I now know what a literal wiring rats nest is. while getting my 270 ready to drive to my house several months ago i took off the driver side kick panel behind the gas pedal to diagnose some wiring. To my surprise it was filled with rat crap, insulation, bark, spark plug wire boots, new ignition points in the box :) a wooden spoon, sunglasses, pine needles and many many cactus needles that no pair of leather gloves could protect against. It took several hours and a 38 gallon trash bag to clean it up. i neglected to take any pictures of the driver side hoping to forget the ordeal. Luckily the rats had not chewed any of the wires on the driver side. Now that its home i decided i should check the passenger side just to make sure the pesky rats didnt make it over there. To my dismay it was even worse than the driver side. I filled my big shop vac and a large trash bag on this side. I also had to vacuum behind the indash ac unit. It was not a fun day, it would not have been so bad if there weren't invisible cactus needles imbeded in everything.\n
20180617_114033 (Large).jpg
20180617_143222 (Large).jpg
20180617_143217 (Large).jpg
\nThe rats had chewed through most of the wiring. I fixed the wiring and now my right turn signal works and my radio no longer blows fuses!