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Bonny Riggs Camping Club in Beckett Mass

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:03 pm
by Acesneights
Great place. Camped there for the second time this season. They allow ATV's in the campground(5 mph strictly enforced) and they have a few trails onsite although my son was too young to ride them. It is mostly seasonal. In fact I'd say 70% seasonal but unlike other places the seasonals are very friendly as well as the staff which are all campers. It is a member owned year round although they closed to general public in Oct. Not alot for kids. They have a big playground and a few small ones and pool but not much for scheduled stuff but the ATV riding is more fun anyway. All the sites are wooded and decent sized. No sewer or cable and I got zilch for TV stations. It is a very quiet place and I plan on returning next year. Quiet times are enforced. It is kept clean although I don't use the public showers or bathrooms anyway. There is a pond but we didn't catch anything..(I won't blame that on the Some brooks too. It is very picturesque and serene.\n