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Pioneer RV Resort - Bandera, Texas

Unread postby 77Travco on Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:14 am

In a completely unplanned journey, the wife and I packed lightly and took the Travco for a short trip just 30 miles away this weekend.
I had just recently replaced the sender unit in the gas tank and only put 4 gallons back into the 70 gallon tank. The gas tank pickup tube is located in the front of the gas tank. The 440 started to sputter a bit going up a big hill near our house but as we topped the hill it smoothed out... whew! We stopped at a nearby gas station and then pointed the Travco south!
There was an event called "Riverfest" taking place in the nearby town of Bandera so we headed that way. We chose to stay at the Pioneer RV Resort located just across the street from the event and only 1 block from downtown. For $26 a day, this is a very nice and clean facility with a swimming pool, showers, laundry, etc. There are RVers that have been in the park for weeks or more and there were weekend trippers like us. The city park on the Medina River is right next door and is also a very nice park with lots of mature shade trees and great fishing, swimming, etc. There are 4 or 5 bars, 4 restaurants and multiple shops and an antique mall all within walking distance.
The Travco drove great and it was really good to get it out and be seen in it this weekend! :D
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