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Screen door

Unread post by datsit » Sat Apr 01, 2017 2:52 pm

Any interest in a screen door before it goes to barn - Ebay ?? Will fit Travco's with 27" door opening & with 1/2" door lip on frame. I have a Travco curved screen door that has been stripped down to refurbish, replace loose rivets, new screen & cleaning - up. It is 90% complete, missing sliding door (not hard to make - in aluminum - wood - plexiglass OR ??) all hardware including top & bottom hinges. Some came with screen hinges on door hinge / some did not (simple cut of door hinge top & bottom) you can simply replace the rivets (all old ones removed) reinstall lower & center aluminum (no dents & install new screen (you can have old ones ??? go new !!) $150.00 + ship - - - OR - - I can reinstall panels ,screen NEW !! (not hinges - must be fitted to your door hinge - they will be loose/unattached) you install roller latch (included) where you want. you do the cleaning ?? (I like things looking new !!!!) for $225.00 + shipping / boxed - - the dimensions are 27" W X 73" tall weight about 15 lbs + 2 lbs box ??? These are very hard to find !! photo's show disassembled & assembled . I'm out most of weekend PM me on Messenger.\n\nNOTE ;;\n You will know in a couple of weeks, I'm having one refabbed to fit the 24" door, what year is yours ? BD is a 69. I believe that the doors changed in 73 & Mahal models to 27", also your problem is the door frame, the early ones 24" has a different frame on the 27" door - - it has a 1/2" lip for the screen door. The later frame was standard with OR without screen door hinge. The one at Dave's has the door frame your looking for OR post wanted from one being parted out, they are welded together at top only (I think) but easy to grind weld for disassembly / shipping. Don't want to sell you something you can't use.

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