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Post up here any parts you need or are looking for. Also if you know where something is that someone needs feel free to reply to that persons post.Also if you are looking for a Travco..

Competent, WILLING Mechanics near Columbus, Ohio?

Unread postby slickandrewstravco on Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:25 pm

Hi Gang-

I guess you've seen the ad for our 320 already?

I'm expecting getting a lot o' flack about NOT selling her, and KEEPING her instead... Which we'd gladly do in a second!

BUT... we can only do so if there is someone with the facility and know-how to do the engine "pullin' n puttin" NEAR Columbus, Ohio... AND that person is going to have to do it for a Grand OR LESS.

We LOVE our 320, but she's been costing us too much $$$ lately. We understnd that ANYTHING that's 30 or 40 years old is GONNA cost some bucks to keep up with, BUT....

The UNFORTUNATE part is that many, many of the mechanic shops around here either don't wanna touch the job, they don't UNDERSTAND the job, or they WANNA charge a HUGE amount of money to do the job. WOW!

Bottom line is, we'd rather let her go to someone who has the space (a barn) and equipment (air tools/engine lift jack) to work on her themselves, or have someone who isn't "askeered" of the job to do it for us... but I CAN NOT spend 5 Thousand on her... In my opinion, that money would be better spent on a different, good running, well cared for coach that we can actually enjoy NOW.

If any of y'all know of ANYONE that could help me out with space and the correct equipment, I'd be willing to help with the work. I just don't have the shop space (none) or the correct tools (air tools, big stands, engine lift, etc..) I need some help here!

When I was a kid in Texas, my Dad did motorhome work almost exclusively at his shop. he's retired in Florida, now... But he and my brother (lives in Texas) are ASE mechanics. Mom and Dad were in the repair business for over 40 years... That's why I cannot justify TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS PLUS for raising the coach 4 feet, removing the I-Beam, disconnecting the wiring and exhaust, and loosening up some mounts....
That job took Dad about 3 hours to do. And the replant took MAYBE 5 hours, and that was with getting it running right.... So, I could see paying someone about a Grand, plus incidentals... and that's at todays over-inflated shop rate of $120 an hour.... NOT 2K, PLUS "incidentals"...which means "STUFF WE CARELESSLY BREAK".

I truly hope that you guys can see the dilema here...
It's like the old joke:
Hey Mister, why are you throwing your wallet, rings, watch and glasses down that old outhouse hole?
And he says: "My pen fell outta my pocket down there... You'd be an idiot if ya thought I'd go down there for JUST that, wouldn't you"?
THAT'S where I am right now with this whole thing.

It turns out that I can right now buy a 44,00 original mile Vogue '35 from it's original owner. It's been barn kept on stands, and started and ran every month since it was stored... He's even changed the Amsoil once a year. The Onan has been exercised when the motor gets ran....and the coach looks like DAY ONE inside and out... I can get it for 3 Grand.
See what I'm saying?

So.... If anyone has any idea as to where I can get the Travco DONE RIGHT, and for the RIGHT MONEY... We'll be glad to keep her.
If not, she needs sold to someone who has the inclination and desire.

It's truly sad when I can't get anything fixed IN COLUMBUS. If we lived almost anyplace else, it coulda been done months ago. NO REAL SHOPS IN MY TOWN.

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Re: Competent, WILLING Mechanics near Columbus, Ohio?

Unread postby badbillybiker on Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:44 pm

a very difficult dilemma (sp) to be in... How about this suggestion... park the travco in a "safe" place for now...
Buy the $3000.00 rv and go camping... If a deal comes up on travco repairs..say maybe next spring etc...
with a clear rv already in hand, you might want to go for it is sitting the travco isnt costing you a dime.
If tags are mandated.. a historical plate in ohio costs $50.00 as a one time purchase and then is good until 2050...
I have one on mine and as a parting remark... told the DVM clerk I will not be back for a renewal...FWIW
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