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Re: Roof seam leaks

Unread postby badbillybiker on Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:52 pm

no... you are not too heavy for a Travco roof.. I was indicating the damage that happens with a roof leak.
By the time water is usually spotted leaking inside.. the seal around the air conditioner base is gone. The steel ribs COULD be rusted/rotted and the wood for the opening would also be rotted. The saving thing is the fiber shell doesn't rot. If it has been on ongoing leak... not a straight down one that would be spotted immediately but the insidious leaks that run down the inside walls and possibly be rotting out the floors. Any leak is horrible. On a sticks n staple RV when the membrane roof is leaking and finally spotted, the wood cross studs are gone and an easy $5,000 kwik repair replacing the membrane after all the roof wood and insulation and other things are removed and put back... Been there for most of the bad leak scenes...
In fact both of us and more could stand on a Travco roof. I once more am indicating that a leaky roof hides various stages of serious damage.
Hope this clears things a little... IMO.
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