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Coleman Mach 2 AC repair

Unread postby dirtydeno on Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:19 pm

I recently installed a 50 amp plug for my motorhome so i could run the AC while i work on the many projects the travco has. The AC unit is a Coleman Mach 2 which i believe is the original unit. I could not find anything on the internet about Mach 2 units so i figured i would make this post.

The AC compressor would turn on but the fan would not blow. The fan would blow if i manually spun it with a screw driver. This sounded like a bad capacitor so i replaced it. It did not fix the problem.
original capacitor for fan
My original fan motor was held inplace by a bungie cord and some rope.
20180721_084812 (Large).jpg

I removed the fan motor and disasembled it. It had some wasp nests inside and the bearings were seized.
I bought a new fan motor a Fasco D1092. I guessed that this motor would work since i could not find any info on the mach 2 units. To remove the fan motor you must unscrew the outside coil and carefully move the coil to the side without kinking any lines and then remove the fan motor with the fans still on the motor. I forgot to get a pic of this.
The new fasco motor did not use the same mounts. I cut some rubber belt i had from a john deere hay baler and used that to space up the fan motor and then used a band clmp to secure it. I also forgot to get a pic of this.
20180728_095423 (Large).jpg
you can see the motor in the back ground
the old motor had 2 blue wires going to the fan capacitor, white to run capacitor, black to black and red to red
The new motor used 2 brown wires to the fan capacitor and the rest of the colors were the same.
I reinstalled the metal cover and tested the AC. The fan blew hard but now it would not cool. I had my buddy come over and to charge the AC. It uses R22 refrigerant and is charged using a port that uses a allen Key to open and close the port. It took 8 oz of refrigerant to cool properly.
20180728_095409 (Large).jpg
charge port.
My original AC cover was destroyed so i bought a new one. I bought a MAXXAIR 00-325001. The box said it was for mach 1 and mach 3 unit but it worked perfectly on the mach 2.
20180728_083827 (Large).jpg

20180728_083847 (Large).jpg

Old and new
My AC now works awesome. It was 110 on sunday and the inside of the travco stayed around 80 (in the front half). pretty impressive for a single unit.
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Re: Coleman Mach 2 AC repair

Unread postby tmbinder on Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:04 am

Great job! I am impressed with your resourcefulness. Stay cool and keep on trucking with those repairs! BTW I saw your post about the rats' nest - what a mess! And the cactus splines sound really nasty, but you got the job done.
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