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Using the roof Top Air Conidtioner while driving ok ?

Unread postby Acesneights on Tue May 28, 2013 3:18 pm

This has been a debatable topic. My father was an Authorized Coleman A/C service center back in the 70's (He is in the Coleman manuals if you have an old enough one) and vaguely remember him saying it was not good practice to use the roof air while driving. Of course I was just a little kid then. That always stuck with me as gospel all these years until a recent debate on another site arose about it. Well...I went to the source for an answer once and for all on the topic.
Bear in mind this is Coleman. Other Manufacturers may have a different take.
The response from Coleman(now airxcel)


I would have to say that is an old wives tale. We at RVP (Coleman) test our units in both a stationary and mobile environment. It should not hurt the unit, as long as there is nothing in front of the unit that would divert air around the AC when you are driving.

Mike Dickey
Airxcel, RVProducts Division
Technical Support Coordinator

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I am the forum owner of as well as a member of other Travco motorhome discussion groups. My father was an authorized repair center for Coleman RV in the 70's. (Aud-Ra-Tel hicksvile NY). I remember him telling me that using the roof top air conditioner was bad for the unit while driving down the highway. Something to do with the airflow . Can you tell me is this true or an old wives tale ?
Your response will be reprinted on my forum with your permission. I own an Older Polar Cub currently.
Thank You
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Re: Using the roof Top Air Conidtioner while driving ok ?

Unread postby 77Travco on Wed May 29, 2013 9:28 am

Hmmm... good to know. I will experiment with this more in the near future as my dash air doesn't blow cold right now.
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