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My poor Floor Jack

Unread postby Acesneights on Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:10 pm

I was weeping in deep sorrow. My Jack won't lift anything anymore. A little history. About 20 yrs ago I have bought a cheapo Harbor Freight style Made in China 2.5 ton Floor jack. While jacking up my old K20 the side arms blew right off it. Damn near killed me(yeah I know...I shoulda had jack stands. 20's, young and stupid). Anyway after almost being crushed and seeing how easily this piece of garbage broke I decided to make a worthwhile investment in a good jack. Those of you who are mechanics have probably seen/used the Lincoln 93642 aka "The 642" It was the best jack money could buy 20 yrs ago. American made and something you could trust your life on. I paid 440$ for it.
So I called the local jack re builder(right here in my town) > Old timer.Good guy. He tells me he cannot get parts for them anymore and he no longer rebuilds floor jacks. Thinking maybe this guy is just gettin on in years and can't be bothered I call a few other places in Ct. They all tell me it was the greatest jack ever made (Ya I know that) but they can't fix it.
A deep sorrow sets in. I can't believe I have to scrap a 440$ jack that has served me so well through the years. Nope, I won't have it so I start scrounging the net. A simple Google search turns up the original manual for it . I call a place in Ohio A&A hydraulics. Real nice guy. He says no problem They have the kits. 45$. If I want to send them the piston 175$ round trip for them to do the job. I will pay it without question to save my faithful jack...So the plot thickens...
Like all stubborn Irish I ne ver thought to actually read the manual..You do that when all else fails right ????
It has a nice little trouble shooting section. My symptoms seem to indicate the jack is air bound and simple needs to be run through a procedure. I follow the procedure...
My 6500lb K30 is sitting on it right now. It lifted it without effort and has not budged in 30 minutes..
Happy Happy Happy....
I'm gonna order the kit anyway so I have it ... :mrgreen:
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Re: My poor Floor Jack

Unread postby datsit on Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:16 pm

It can be a pain when you need to repair a tool to do other repairs ???
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