Onan CCKB-3R

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Onan CCKB-3R

Unread post by dirtydeno » Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:46 am

Ive been working to get my generator working lately so im going to put up some info on it.
Image (12) (Large).jpeg
My gen hasnt ran in 20 years probably so i was a little worried about its condition but its running pretty good now. First project was to rebuild the carb. The butterflys were frozen solid. I pulled it and used a rebuild kit off amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GK ... UTF8&psc=1

A good tip is before you remove the carb, wrap a zip tie around the spade connectors on the thermal choke before you remove the wires. They are attached to the cardboard case and break off easily.
Image (11) (Large).jpeg
This weekend i replaced the vibration cushions. mine were over compressed and the gen was resting on the pan. These use two different part numbers for the cushions. 402-0284 for the engine side and 402-0285 for the gen side. The difference is the durometer of the rubber, the gen side is harder rubber. The 0284 bushings were cheap at 8 dollars each but for some reason the 0285 are about 50 each so i bought 4 of the 0284s and hoped they worked. I removed the bolts and used a porta power to lift up the gen.
Image (26) (Large).jpeg
The back engine side bushing is a little hard to get to so do yourself a favor and remove the air cleaner and studs. Now the gen has a space under the pan like it should and the softer cushions on the gen side seem to be fine.
Image (25) (Large).jpeg
I replaced the airfilter, 0140-1907
Image (27) (Large).jpeg
and spark plugs. RH8C. Mine had RH10s in it but everything i found said the 8s were correct.
Image (28) (Large).jpeg
I removed the points, cleaned them up and set the gap. To do this, remove the two bolts that hold the top housing on the gen with the start switch. Move the housing over a little to get to the screws on the points. The gen runs pretty good now. I still need to set the valve clearances and adjust the RPM. Ill update on that later.
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